Quotation of HTYM-1800QX Crawler Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

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HTYM1800QX Crawler Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig is specifically designed for coring operations on the surface of solid mineral deposits. It is suitable for a variety of high-efficiency drilling techniques such as diamond rope coring. The main engine includes an electronically controlled self-propelled crawler chassis, diesel engine, hydraulic system, control system, sliding drill tower, main winch, auxiliary winch, power head, power head feed system and wellhead gripper. All functions of the HTYM1800QX Crawler Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig are hydraulically driven, which is convenient for operation, precise control, convenient for relocation, high efficiency, and high core removal rate.

I. Compared with the same type of drilling rig in China, the improvement includes the following:

1. High leg structure makes loading and unloading more convenient.

2. The mast (sliding frame) structure adopts hydraulic cylinders for lifting and lowering, which is safe and fast, and the triangular brace is auxiliary support.

3. The lifting force of the main winch is increased to 15T.

4. The rope capacity is increased to 1800m.

5. The chassis crawler is widened to 450mm, that is, the desert chassis is adopted.

6. The engine adopts Cummins 194KW, QSC8.3-C260.

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